Ice cream, Inspiration, and Insomnia

I loved the first assignment given in class (ENGR 407).  We had to make a dish to bring to a potluck, with the only requirement being that the dish must include flavors that we would not typically consider to be synergistic.  Many ideas came to mind… lavender lemon cookies, lime bars with paprika and red pepper toping, pumpkin muffins with avocado icing… numerous possibilities!  I planned to make multiple dishes, but only had time to make the lavender lemon cookies, and though the flavors did compliment each other, I didn’t much care for the combination.  Maybe it was the butteriness of the cookies, that soured the clean taste of both the lemon and lavender.  Regardless, I recieved positive feedback from the other students.  


Since then, I have continued to think of “unusual” or “unthought-of” food possibilities…. corn-on-the-cob with blueberry butter, orange muffins with rose icing, basil ice cream…. and a friend thought to make curry carrot ice cream.  He is in the other section of ENGR 407.  I helped him make it, and it came out so delicious! If you love curry, or carrot, you’ll love this.  Just think of spicy indian food, complimented by  cool yogurt!  


When he first told me the idea, I thought to search the internet for other unusual ice cream flavors.  I hit the jackpot – a site listing 101 of seriously bizarre flavors for ice cream, or food in general.  Some notables:  fried eggplant, cactus, lettuce and potato, SOY SAUCE, CHARCOAL???!, silk??, SQUID INK… . whatever makes you happy 🙂


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